Alexander Energy Limited is a Limited Partnership of Texas. It acquires, produces and invests in energy projects across the globe, with a particular focus on the production of thermogenic shale basins of the USA and Canada during the last 5 years. AEL is staffed with industry veterans, each with over 20 years experience.

Chairman and CEO:  Dr. Alexander A. Kulpecz
Dr. Kulpecz earned a PhD from Imperial College, London, in subsurface petroleum engineering stochastic modeling and analysis, an MBA (Henley), and BA/ MSc degrees in Geology from Rutgers Univ., NJ, USA. He has extensive technical, operational and management experience in the upstream/midstream oil and gas and power/renewable sectors. He began his career as a Geologic Engineer producing tight unconventional  natural gas wells for Shell Oil in the Gulf Coast USA. Over a 20 year period, he held a succession of senior executive positions at the Royal Dutch Shell group as an Executive Committee Member, primarily in the exploration and production area and latterly as Executive Director and EVP of Shell International Gas and Power for Eastern/Central Europe, Russia, Africa and Latin America.  During this time, he was responsible for numerous major technical field developments, drilling for oil & gas, development of pipelines, LNG-Power generation, strategic initiatives and acquisitions. He resided in Damascus and led Shell’s development of Oil & Gas assets there bringing production to 400,000 BOPD and 150 MMCFPD (equivalent to a major independent oil & gas producer such as Anadarko, Apache and CNOOC production). He headed production operations for the North Sea (UK, Norway, Netherlands) and continental Europe. acted as a senior energy advisor to investment funds (Carlyle/Riverstone, ITI Energy, Silver Point Capital) and the Boston Consulting Group.  Dr. Kulpecz, is based in London, New York and Houston.

Alexander Energy Limited