The Bakken Formation was initially produced in the 1950's on the western edge of the basin. The wells are 9-10,000 ft in depth in a basin of 25,000 sq mi. It is an organic rich marine shale producing a 40 API oil.

The transferring of long horizontal wells with multi-staged fracture technologies from the Barnett shale in Texas, and continuous experimentation has produced one the largest fields in the USA with estimated recoveries of 3-4 Billion boe. Typical wells now produce initial rates in excess of 1000 bopd and up to 500,000 recoverable barrels of oil. Rock properties and petrophysical trends are important in identifying 'sweet spots' of better recovery.

Technical studies in the overlying Three Forks formation identified a clastic-silt, low porosity/ low permeabiltiy zone nearly doubling reserves per well.

AEL has participated through its affiliates/investco's in both the Bakken shale and overlying Three Forks developments in the Williston Basin.

Williston Basin, N. Dakota
Alexander Energy Limited
map from EOG Resources, 2008