The Barnett Shale was the 'test bed' where Mitchell Energy
pioneered new drilling and completion strategies in the 1980's through the once perceived non-reservoir source rock.

The shale basin covers some 5,000 sq mi with thicknesses
ranging 100-700 ft. at depths of 6500-8500 ft. The central play (Johnson County) is a gas prone with approx 40-50 TCF recoverable. It is typified by long horizontal sections (~10,000 ft), sometimes paired wells, with simultaneous 'zipper' multi-staged (6-12) fracture stimulations. In excess of 10,000 wells have now been drilled in this central area.

The newest play is in the Oil Window to the north of the basin (Montague County). The basin becomes less mature and more oil prone with intercalated streaks of carbonate rubble zones and very complex natural fracture patterns. Both vertical and horizontal well patterns are being developed by different companies. The hydrocarbons in place are 2-3x that of the gas prone south (75,000 bo, 250MMcf expected average recoveries)

AEL has participated through its affiliates/investco's in both vertical and horizontal developments of the Barnett plays.
Ft. Worth Basin, Texas
Alexander Energy Limited