Investment Strategy & Core Principles
AEL focuses on the technical, economic and community fundamentals:

  • Using the technical experience of its staff in finding, evaluating and producing billions of BOE during the last 30 years, AEL reviews both conventional and unconventional resources (tight reservoirs and thermogenic shales) searching for opportunities ahead of competitors and/or under-appraised assets.

  • Good science, starting with the rock properties of reservoirs, is essential in mitigating risk in subsurface analysis. AEL undertakes thorough and detailed studies in future investments to determine the critical success factors of helping reservoirs produce oil and gas. From the analysis of diagentic histories of pore geometries, geochemical studies, brittleness calculations to determine fracture stimulation propagation, the use of micro-seismic frac mapping, we find the appropriate tools to increase the chance of success of reservoirs.

  • The economic and soceital return for all stakeholders (governments, shareholders, the communities surrounding the opportunity) rely on the effective use of operational excellence. Every small item is important in planning, contingency and safe execution at the wellsite. The core principles we uphold are to create wealth and jobs and bring to shareholders appropriate economic returns. Daily operational excelence, not wasteful spending, and the notion of being a good neighbor combine to provide safe, clean  profitable investments. 
Alexander Energy Limited