The staff of AEL have long experience in projects with IOC's/NOC's and independent oil & gas companies. That experience ranges from finding, drilling and fracturing in the tight clastic formations of the Gulf Coast USA (Vicksburg, Wilcox) to capturing early and excellent acreage positions in the shale plays from 2005.
AEL relies on technical excellence to recognise the emerging shale plays in basins throughout North America. Successful projects in which AEL significantly participated:

  • Barnett Shale Gas (Johnson & Hill Counties) and Oil  Window (Montague County) plays of the Ft. Worth Basin, TX: The classic Barnett gas shales pioneered the use of horizontal drilling and multi-staged fracture technologies resulting in significant production.The Oil Window Barnett shale to the north was primarily an oil play with complex natural fractures with intercalated carbonate shales. AEL or its affilates/investor parties participated with different JV's for some 50+ wells in both these Barnett regions.
  • Bakken Oil play of North Dakota:   this thermogenic shale play was propelled by horizontal drilling and multi-staged fracs. AEL or its affilates/investor parties joined with EOG and Whiting in extensive leasing and production of oil reserves. Early recognition of the Bakken and Three Forks potential by AEL principals was instrumental in creating value for shareholders. AEL participated in excess of 60+ wells.
  • Montney, Ootla  and Second White Specs plays of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin: in-depth subsurface analysis of rock properties and regional interpretation provided an early leasing opportunity ahead of competitors. Recent success of the horizontal drilling, multi-staged fracs began a consolidation of the major gas players such as Encana acquiring assets.
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