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The staff of AEL have long experience in projects with IOC's/NOC's and independent oil & gas companies. That experience ranges from finding, drilling and fracturing in conventional and shale plays, shallow offshore to deep water project field development planning, advice to governments, matching investors to CNG and LNG projects and advising private equity funds.

  • Upstream Exploration & Production: from the recent breakthroughs in seismic attribute mapping for onshore and offshore sedimentary basins to the optimized fraccing of shale plays throughout North and South America, we have the staff to bring responsible capital expenditure providing shareholders optimal returns. Currently, AEL staff are providing advice to Private Equity and others in conventional appraisal drilling in the Gulf Coast USA, development activities in established Canadian oil fields, subsurface location and operations advice to drilling in the Permian basin and acquisitions analysis for undervalued companies.
  • Midstream Oil & Gas: energy needs to move in order to provide homes with affordable heat, electricity and create opportunities and wealth for communities. AEL staff are playing an integral part in LNG and LNG-to-wires projects in Africa.
  • Downstream refining and technologies: Coal-to-liquids technology is paramount in reducing CO2 emissions on a global scale. AEL staff helped originate promising new technologies that can remove the impurities from coal and provide clean-burning carbon feedstock to reduce CO2 emissions. Low sulfur syncrudes can replace refined products reducing the footprint of fuels infrastructure. AEL staff are involved technology application and the re-working of brownsite refinery planning.  
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